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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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selma plan limited live is prohibited we want to bring it and that's the second meeting in september. >> when this which i think is the 15 or 16. >> any other comments or. all right. this meeting is adjourned have a good (clapping) >> everybody welcome it's amazing everyone this is the reason for the first time i'm rart in an event it's great to see see it really work this actually works (clapping)
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and so we are thrilled to be opening our doors to our neighbors and a and friends after spending the past 9 months building out the new office and welcome to our good friends san francisco mayor ed lee welcome (clapping) first girl supervisor jane kim welcome (clapping) you have been a fantastic partner in making this neighborhood so actually and they'll played a big roll in connecticut even haitian where we built the company i traveled back and forth all the time i also stayed at the phoenix here.
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i believe i have the energy of the neighborhood. i like how there is an established creativity scene that almost physically cross paths with this emerging company. this intersection is so yes, ma'am mask of san francisco. in 2011 when we we were looking for more office space we decided to be the first company to join the revitalization and move to 989 market street. we were - and we immediately fell in front of with the community and neighborhood last year, we've signed our lease for the building to be the tenants on 1019 we have 8 floors in the
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building and we have rooms for i don't know how many people but we plan to grow beyond the 3 hundred and 60 councilmember krekorian people in the building it's a gem of a building i don't know if you notice the big columns the beautiful things you'll find it's original california the pine from the beginning of the 19 hundred i'm sorry 19 something, you know, laura. and it housed originally housed the eating man company so is a a very popular department store the carpets on the top of the building. the renovation truly strikes live on mid-market literally because we have 4 hundred new
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lights on the facade of the building that lights up every everything but not only did vibrancy of the building and the mid-market neighborhoods that wanted to us to expand but build what we call an urban campus as we designed the new company we wanted to make sure we open our doors to the neighbors this serves the company but as an event space for the many neighbors we have in the neighborhood. we're working with local nonprofits to host events and start are start with family dinners for the children's development center and have the annual halloween party for the
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services and the animal health fair for the partnerships in this room. tonight's event is an extension of that we organized this as a communicated mix eerie want to thank all the communities and leaders that joined us bearing barry from the foundation and laurie across from the children's center and daniel. and while it's great to see buildings like this one being reborn into an office building but we want to marry that the improvement extends to the street level a group of biz bayshore's are joining together through a mid market business association we're working alongside companies such as
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beverage marks and bee work and a few on the to help advance the economy and the community in this neighborhood. and tiffany will accompany and share details later. i want to thank everybody that worked on this project to make this project and so many people to thank. i'm emphasis one person that led our part of the remodeling aims standing right there (clapping) so much of what you see inside of office was made possible by his hard work and direction and he did all that having the ceo hanging over his shoulders a congratulations. i think the mid-market
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neighborhood is shaun showing you it works one person helping to drive that change was, of course, mayor ed lee who years ago saw what this neighborhood could become i want to turn it over to mayor ed lee (clapping) >> well, thank you very much good evening, everyone. this looks like a partying countryside here. well, first of all, i want to express my just enthusiasm for tonight there's a lot of things to celebrate my how things change but a week and a half ago i was in your pride parade and going down market and saw the whole building of speculators
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and, of course, this 1019 thank you firing wonderful contribution and i was watching how the prideful of participation and thank you upper part of making that parade so wonderful. i have so many others to thank there's tiny groups supervisor kim and i rejoice in the opportunity every time we come together there's more partners and community-based organizations that join up there's more volunteers that have the spirit where i think zendesk has led and upper a by the way, it was not turny it was zendesk that signed up first for mid-market so thank you (clapping)
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and we've got people like ralph my brother he's enjoying so some community groups. two years ago nick he will and i and supervisor kim were celebrating the expansion of 1424 up the street and just list two years ear celebrating a fantastic thing between all of that you're going from what i think at the beginning upper doing all the outreach now in a position you're in to the space your creating it's a wonderful, wonderful transformation that's good morning. i will continue to say that mid-market is our intention we want to work closely with you but you're a major, major resident business and
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participant in mid-market i congratulate you with working with our worrisome staff and our huge source of nonprofit and art community this building is what i envisioned for market street to really bring back it's grandiose place in the city and county of san francisco and just the fact you've illuminated this building at night i pit some lights there i've been talking about night life along market street you've started to do it before we get the first events out this the the commenting of the arts it's perfect committing us to make sure we emancipation proclamation line the arts with the space before you people shuffled through all the challenges and now we have a
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great partnership and i just say those last few years we've seen zendesk philosophical out there whether it's pco things you've announced the way for people to find the services through sf it's incredible to our signaling to chiefs chefs programs that offices experiences right here on the site to our outreach to all the community organizations that are going to be utilizing this space and helping the employees helping out in everything else i'll really, really enjoyed the way you've celebrated this f it is ed lee
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like. in that you didn't announce how much over the asking price we're not even cleaning the streets a that's what i do when i celebrate it, it's fantastic (clapping) go out there we're a community we're matching up the philanthropy the sense of being a part of san francisco also revisibilities through your employees so with all this great things going on and the fact you're going to open up your spice you're already signaling you want to lead the efforts and have an even more combrishtd business community in mid-market we can get other people excited about why you're here and i
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think the latest annuity by the way, we have to make sure we're doing all the things we're part of our city asphyxiation and supervisor kim and others we have on the ballot what i think a city that wants to make sure our kids get educated properly so we have a children enrichment program we want a city that has transportation and in the private directing transportation fund we're helping like you are those who are folks to be respectfully with a wedging effort there's so many things on the ballot we're putting together in collaboration with the board to make sure our city is successful as we look at market street with the arts and the small businesses and a lot
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more people engaged so a lot of things to celebrate tonight and, of course, the latest which say, i really love small business owners by the way, and i know with david scott their story about having in burial heights and selling to the folks in japan they had a dream that perhaps they will have a lifetime tea cafe. i got to listen to my wife and i've gotten also to start with my old folks tea wailing they'll have their first cafe dream on michael street so it's a wonderful new business welcome
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(clapping) michael's cafe. i want to support something for creating spaces for small business for people who want to have a better life this is the first few years on market street i am excited for you and know your - we'll do the best to take this example and continue to very vitalities market street for everyone not only for some folks but realizing their spirit and their capability to become
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the entire community north and market street and congratulations to our your success (clapping) come on up here i know what we ought to do is, of course, announce her coming up to this stage i'm not going to reveal her age >> can you hold on for a second. >> oh, you have - and oh, my god. >> happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you.
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happy birthday dear candice (laughter) happy birthday to you. (clapping.) birthday girl >> thank you. thank you, thank you for having this on any birthday. i had a sign up party by this has completely maid for this. the mayor talked about our vision for mid-market i'm sure you're aware of which of you were part of the conversation when we talked about revitalization of market street we had the highest vacancy rate and the highest unemployment it was not an easy confidence to have we understood there were businesses that left the
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tenderloin and have called it their home. when we saw the jobs we talked about the tech companies we wanted to attract and not have keypads going to be completely oblivious to the neighborhood and where the vision of the community benefits agreement came down and have companies participate to actually give back we knew in giving back would be monitor how many dollars you give back to the community it doesn't build on the relationship we're lucky that zendesk was the first company to move into mid-market and the city metrics office the first company that came waltz
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cob and was translate to actually spend time in our neighborhood building relationships you see it in the room we have residents and nonprofits that serve the community for years and years and small businesses and property owners that are here as well. i can't tell you how amazing but difficult it's not easy to do. i knew i was in trouble when i was calling to invite resident to come and mark with me last weekend i got a couple phone calls i got long pauses and it was embarrassing. (laughter) and especially it dawned on my me oh, no corporations are their it's a officials said you can (inaudible) and i'm glad it's
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passed because i knew they were going to give me a run for my money claufr. it's authentic when i was in tenderloin school i didn't ask how tenderloin was doing people divorced and it's about our kids i st. anthony's to be serving our clients over and over and over and over again, it's great to do a volunteer center but to send people multiple times a week is hard work and it's not enough to come once a year if you're trying to help to cash out the first or second or third grade it takes dedication i'm so grateful for everything you've been doing a so i wish you
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tremendous success you'll a be the roll model ems san francisco is different it's great to have roll models that are doing it different. i want to recognize all the many nonprofits folks it's great to have hear about the ambiance of the local neighborhoods and, of course, we've got free spaces authorizing this part of market street the partnerships we build is about building a sustainable birth on tenderloin and i welcome zendesk f in being a part of the community. congratulations on our move i'm excited to see the kids organizations when i started out
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in chinatown actually residents in the room we've often seen they have shared kitchens or no kitchens and it's hard to do things like doing our homework or having family dinners the families can come and gather and cook together we take that for granted but it's how it was provided it's price also so thank you (clapping) >> i'm eric i'm with the west capital partners i wanted to thank everyone for coming here today, i can't under state how excited we are to be in the building and thrilled to have mayor ed lee announced the real
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concept we'll be opening shortly in 2012, we barbed on a vision to return this to its glory and it's truly the presence along market street. we shared a vision at this point with supervisor kim and many other and the call shares on market it's the heart of san francisco. it will be that way and the condition of the building when we went over the new building 90 percent of brick was covered with black dirt and then is significant amount of time exposing the building go and hosting the tenants to be as strong as we could be.
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we were truly closely working with supervisor kim and the consultants trying to get the exterior side where it is as well as in front everybody to it's original nature we had a contractor who was the only person going to be doing a matching pattern so we're committed to create an insurance building so because of the statute and and a half at least we entered the building and be wanted to figure out what where it was and miguel touched on this month interesting we reinstalled the 4 hundred pikes you have to come back and see it
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we've partnered with ed davis to bring this on the other side of the building to dmrie different images trying to express the nature of mid-market. i don't think it's possible to understate how proud i am of the job we've done and i thank missing gels team for creating the opens for the transformation of the building >> i know there w is one person in the room if you're back there raise your hand (clapping) trying to make sure he delivered it the way it is and be able to deliver the product you have today so thank you
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(clapping.) between you and the fabulous party we're about to hold as mentioned earlier the official unveiling of the mid-market we're a group of small and large and midsize biz businesses to create a vibrant corridor we're starting small and our focus is to help activate the ground floor retail spaces that run the length of market street and hyper hyper phobic we're we want to help the nonprofits and community organizations that are critical to so many in the neighborhood. the bulk of our existing membership is on the bay area we
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have come together with your you'll neighbors but if you're looking for other to join we have a well marked table for anyone that wants more information or other members. i also wanted to note we have we are celebrating the glorious grand opening of the chinese rec center. ♪
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1951, 60 years ago, our first kids began to play in the chinese wrecks center -- rec center. >> i was 10 years old at the time. i spent just about my whole life here. >> i came here to learn dancing. by we came -- >> we had a good time. made a lot of friends here. crisises part of the 2008 clean neighborhood park fund, and this is so important to our families. for many people who live in chinatown, this is their backyard. this is where many people come to congregate, and we are so happy to be able to deliver this project on time and under budget. >> a reason we all agreed to name this memorex center is
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because it is part of the history of i hear -- to name this rec center, is because it is part of the history of san francisco. >> they took off from logan airport, and the call of duty was to alert american airlines that her plane was hijacked, and she stayed on the phone prior to the crash into the no. 9 world trade center. >> i would like to claim today the center and the naming of it. [applause] >> kmer i actually challenged me to a little bit of a ping pong -- the mayor actually challenge me to a little bit of a ping- pong, so i accept your challenge. ♪
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>> it is an amazing spot. it is a state of the art center. >> is beautiful. quarkrights i would like to come here and join them >> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco transportation authority plans & programs committee today is tuesday, july 15, 2014, and i'm our vice chair. roll call >> item one roll call. >> supervisor breed. supervisor campos absent. supervisor kim.